Feasibility analyses

Feasibility analyses are an essential part of our request/ quote process and are divided into the following sub-steps:


Evaluation of the customer request

Immediately after receiving a request, we make a quick evaluation to check whether a quote can be made. The aim is for our customer to receive quick feedback on the feasibility of processing.


Coordination with the customer

In this phase, we check the completeness of the documents (drawings, standards, etc.) in close coordination with the customer and clarify any outstanding commercial and technical questions.


Feasibility assessment

As soon as all information and documents are available, we form an interdisciplinary team, comprising members from different departments, to conduct a comprehensive feasibility assessment. Our suppliers for possible external processes are also included in this process. This stage often already includes simulations, tool designs, or technical tests using different materials. But the choice of production site and thus also logistical considerations also play a decisive role here. The manufacturing process already envisaged is then integrated into the calculation.


Preparation of the quote

On the basis of this detailed feasibility assessment, we define which manufacturing process is the most suitable for the quote from a technical and economic point of view. In a detailed quote, we address the requirements of the request, list unclear or impractical points, and provide alternatives if necessary.


Discussion of the quote

The decisive factor is, of course, the hopefully positive feedback from the customer. But any criticism or outstanding questions should be clarified at this point. Due to technical changes or possible alternatives, a supplementary quote may have to be prepared.