Process development

Process development takes place in the following stages (excerpt):


Order placement

After commissioning by the customer, the actual process development starts throughout the entire supply chain. At this time, we take into account a selected network of partners/suppliers, for example for materials, tools, equipment.


Project management, defining planning methods

The advanced quality planning method (e.g. APQP) is determined with reference to the customer’s specification (e.g. AIAG/VDA). The project team is formed and a project is started. For more information, please refer to the section on project management.


FMEA risk analysis

As part of a forward-looking risk analysis, we create a process FMEA. This means potential errors can be detected as early as in the product development phase. The entire process flow is considered, especially for special characteristics. This in turn is the basis for the production control plan, test planning and planned test methods.


Product and process approval

After all prerequisites for series production have been met, e.g. approvals from sub-suppliers, machines, series material and tools, initial samples can be produced under series conditions. Initial analyses (machine capabilities) are performed. This is followed by internal approval and then sampling in the form of a PPAP (AIAG) or PPF (VDA) to the customer. After customer approval of the initial samples and, if necessary, process acceptance, series production can start.


Continuous improvement process (CIP)

Process development does not end when the capability for series production has been achieved. This is followed by an ongoing analysis of the process with the aim of continuously improving it.