Production processes

With extensive machinery at our production sites in Obergünzburg, Germany, and Orasje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, we offer the following manufacturing technologies for the production of components:

  • Cutting technology
    (Adiabatic cutting/Abrasive cutting/Precision sawing)

  • Grinding technology
    (Vibratory grinding/Double face grinding/Centerless external cylindrical grinding)

  • CNC technology
    (Turning/Milling/Machining on linear or rotary transfer machines)

  • Testing technology
    (100% testing/measurement/CAQ system/residual dirt analyses)

  • Cleaning and mounting
    (Drum, basket, ultrasonic cleaning/assembly mounting)

  • External processes
    (Heat treatment/Surface coatings/etc.)


  • You can find more information about the manufacturing processes in the submenu. Examples of the processes can be found under Products.