Vibratory grinding technology

With state-of-the-art plant technology and a wide variety of vibratory grinding media, we can solve almost any deburring, material removal, cleaning, or polishing task. We process exclusively with clean, fresh water and a treatment additive that is precisely suited to the processing method at hand. This increases process reliability, thus achieving high-quality surfaces, clean components and perfectly reproducible results time and time again.

Where necessary and useful, we combine additional or alternative deburring processes (micro-abrasive blasting, chemical deburring, etc.).

Product examples

  • Vibratory grinding of all workpiece shapes with part weights from 0.01g to 800g
  • Vibratory grinding to a defined dimension in the µm range
  • Vibratory grinding, separation, cleaning, demagnetization and drying in a single operation
  • Surfaces up to less than Ra 0.10 possible
  • Fulfillment of common residual dirt requirements VDA, etc.
  • Clean dry parts with corrosion protection
  • In-house waste water treatment