Project management

For customer projects as part of advanced product quality planning (APQP) or for maturity assurance for new parts (RGA) as well as for other projects, we use effective project management, which includes at least the following steps:


Start / Definition

At the start, the project is defined (data, targets, team, etc.). For example, this can include order placement by the customer and adoption of customer specifications with information of the team and integration of any planned subcontractors into the project.



Creation of a schedule (Gantt chart), project steps, tasks, milestones, clarification of resources, project approval and distribution to the team.  


Tracking, Management

Monitoring the progress of the project (tasks, milestones). Planning team meetings. Updating necessary changes. Documentation. Communication to all stakeholders (customer, partner, supplier, team).



Once all tasks and milestones have been completed (e.g., customer approval), the project can be concluded. Before that, it is also necessary to check whether all tasks have been fulfilled by partners and suppliers. The conclusion also includes lessons learned by the team for future projects.