Adiabatic cutting

Adiabatic cutting is a high-speed chipless cutting process. This process can be used economically, especially for high volumes (annual quantities of approx. 200,000 to 500 million) and high-quality material (precise profile material).

When processing ring material, an eddy current crack detection system can be integrated into the separation process so that detected defects can be discharged directly as separated short parts. In addition, end machining for rotationally symmetrical components (round, square, hexagonal) can be performed on both sides in the process. The parts separated here can of course be further processed with other procedures (vibratory grinding, cleaning, heat treatment, etc.).


Product examples

  • Processing of cross-sections from 3 to 300mm² (corresponds to approx. Ø2 - Ø16mm)
  • Cutting lengths from 5 to 600mm
  • Starting material: Bar or ring material
  • Materials: All types of steels. Preferably high-alloy or high-strength steels
  • Cycle times up to 800 parts per minute
  • No material loss
  • Low-burr cut (no chips, further processing is often possible without intermediate cleaning)