Expansion of capability for vibratory grinding
30. November 2019

Expansion of capability for vibratory grinding

In 2019, Coprotec made a major investment in the field of vibratory grinding.

In the process, we invested in a larger waste-water plant from Walther Trowal to expand our capacities in this department. The waste-water plant is an essential system in our company and a basic requirement for ensuring that the waste water generated from the vibratory grinding process can be discharged into the sewer system in TOP quality (almost drinking water quality). This investment results in several advantages:

  • Capacity expansion by more than 50% with the necessary reserves
  • Higher process reliability with accompanying improvement in the cleanliness of our manufactured parts
  • Reduced environmental impact A long-term permit has been granted by the authorities
  • We did a technical overhaul of the existing plant and successfully set up in our factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Example of a similar (not identical) flocculation unit from Walther Trowal can be seen in the picture. Source: https://www.walther-trowal.com/en/produkte/process-water-technology/flocculant-units/doga-flocculant-units


We use a wide variety of plant types (centrifugal plants, round vibrators) in different sizes and designs.

You can see how a centrifugal system from manufacturer Walther Trowal works in the video below.