Adiabatic cutting now including end machining

Adiabatic cutting now including end machining

We now also offer the “adiabatic cutting” high-speed cutting process in combination with end machining. Here, rotationally symmetrical sections (round, square, hexagonal) can be machined on the end faces directly after cutting from the material. This means that this previously separate process is no longer necessary and finished components are obtained which already have the required one-sided or two-sided machining. The only requirement is a minimum length of approx. 25mm.



Examples of adiabatic cutting including end machining.


Of course, these components can also be further processed using other methods.

For more information, see the “Adiabatic cutting” manufacturing process.


New OEM customer – with successful series start-up ….

In 2018, we succeeded in winning a project with an OEM customer.

The components for a gearbox were actually supposed to be produced using a different manufacturing process, but this had to be dismissed due to strength issues. That is when the customer heard about Coprotec. After some discussions to clarify the feasibility, with our established “adiabatic cutting” processes, we were able to generate an economical alternative manufacturing process for a drawn steel profile with subsequent machining and subsequent heat treatment together with the customer’s development department. This required an adjustment to the component geometry, which was worked out by the technical department at Coprotec together with the customer. Subsequent trials at the customer site with the presented prototypes confirmed the assumptions and thus the feasibility of this process development.

Despite a very tight schedule prior to the start of series production, this took place as planned in September 2019.

Work in the project team with our customer contacts has always been very pleasant and decisions were made quickly, which was a positive surprise given the size of the company. What fills us with pride is that we also made a very positive impression on this customer, which we concluded from the feedback and the customer audits that we passed with flying colours.

In the course of this new project, we also invested a lot in new equipment. This includes a new adiabatic separation plant, a testing plant, and a machining centre for the production of the profile milled parts. We also have a long-standing business relationship with the manufacturer of this machining centre, which we were able to further strengthen in this project, as some joint process development, tool coordination, and constructive development work was necessary.

With this project, we have proven that we can directly supply an OEM…

…so we look forward to getting your request!